The Apple advantage

Apple computers, devices, software & services are made to work seamlessly together. It’s the Apple advantage. If you’re not getting the most from your Apple investment, we can help take it to the next level.

Upgrade your OS annually. It’s free for iPhone, iPad and Mac. These upgrades bring exciting new features to the hardware you already own, and you must update to use new apps. That’s why most Apple owners upgrade within weeks of a new release, and we only provide support for the latest version.

Use apps designed for your Apple device. Don’t limit yourself to a web browser or Microsoft. Use the apps Apple provides – like Safari, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Messages, FaceTime, iBooks & Maps apps. Buy and store your music, movies & TV shows in iTunes. Organize and edit your pictures in iPhoto. If you don’t use these apps you’re missing the point of having an Apple device.

Buy from the App Store. Browse over 900,000 iPhone & 400,000 iPad apps – far more apps than any other platform. Use App Store on your Macs too – over 20,000 apps to choose from. We’ll show you how to install apps on all your Macs, iPhones & iPads… and pay just once.

Make full use of Siri, FaceTime and other features. Connect your iPhone to your car’s audio system. Use turn-by-turn navigation. Scan bar codes and check prices. Swipe credit cards on your iPhone or iPad. Connect an Apple TV to your HDTV and display all the photos & movies from your iPhone on the big screen. Netflix, HBO & sports too.

Let iCloud keep your world in sync. Add a phone number or appointment on your Mac - it’s updated on your iPhone in seconds. Snap a picture with an iPhone and it’s added to your iPad and Mac iPhoto. Buy an iTunes movie on the Mac and start playing it on your iPad. Start a document on a Mac and finish it on another Mac or iPad.

Call Creative Tech Support. With 20 years of experience, Apple is not just what we do. It’s our passion. It’s who we are.

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