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Google brings professional email, calendars and other services to Mac, Windows, iOS & Android. Here’s how to use the familiar Google web interface or the standard apps on your device. We love to empower users to help themselves, but we’re here to help – through the internet or in person. Got a question? Just ask!

The links below provide a complete guide to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace features

  • You’ll never lose your email address, even if you change internet providers.
  • Great web interface – access your complete inbox, sent items, contacts & calendars from any computer using the standard Google web interface.
  • Mac users can access Google services through Mac Mail, Contacts, Calendar & Messages.
  • Windows users can access email and calendar in Outlook.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android owners can use their device’s native apps to work with Google systems.
  • All your messages can be safely stored on the Google server. Even if your computer is lost or stolen, your important emails are still available and we can download them to another computer.
  • Messages are pushed to you immediately – no need to click Get Mail or Send/Receive.
  • Messages sync across all computers and mobile devices. Read or delete an email in one place and it’s read or deleted everywhere. Send a message from one device and you’ll find it in the Sent box of all others.
  • Send large attachments – up to 25 MB. (Not all recipients can accept attachments that large.)
  • Better spam filtering so you receive less junk mail in your inbox.
  • Share calendars with others and create project calendars everyone can see. Full support for invitations and delegation - even see who is free and who is busy. And calendars sync to all your devices immediately.
  • Instant messaging with Google Talk lets you interact in real time.
  • Google Drive – 15 GB of free cloud storage (more with paid accounts). Access your files on all your devices and share files with other people.
  • Google Docs – simple, online apps. You can sign in and access your documents from most any web browser or computer in the world. And Google Docs are easy to share with others. Instead of a static attachment, they open a live document. Changes are updated for everyone, almost in real-time.

Google Workspace lets you use services with your own domain, such as It’s available at several price points… contact us for an evaluation of your needs.

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