Safari passwords

When you visit a site, Safari’s AutoFill system can automatically enter your information, including your name, password and other information. (Some sites, such as banks, disable this feature.) Safari can also remember credit card numbers and display a list of cards when you shop online. The cards are stored in an encrypted file on your device, not on the store’s site. You still need to type the security code from the back of the card. These measures prevent unauthorized use. And of course, you don’t need to save credit cards at all.

AutoFill is another reason to always use the Safari web browser. Other browsers do not take advantage of AutoFill and cannot sync with Macs & other Apple devices. Be sure to save passwords when Safari offers – it’s safer than writing them down or trying to remember them all.

Need to look up a site’s password? It’s easy. All you need is your device’s passcode, TouchID or FaceID. We also recommend enabling iCloud Keychain. This keeps your passwords and credit cards in sync. So whether you visit a site on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, Safari will always know the password. The data is encrypted and transmitted securely so you know you’re safe.

Your device can also automatically enter your contact info, saved credit cards and more.

  1. Open the Settings app. For passwords, choose Accounts & Passwords, then tap App & Website Passwords. Enter your password or use TouchID or FaceID. Now you can scroll or search for an account. Tap one to see the password.
  2. Or for Autofill, tap Safari and AutoFill.
  3. Turn on Use Contact Info so Safari can automatically enter your address or phone number when a site asks for it.
  4. Tap My Info and select your contact card.
  5. Turn on Names and Passwords so Safari can enter them for you.
  6. Optional: Turn on Credit Cards. Rememember you’ll need to type the security code from the back of the card. 
  7. Tap Saved Credit Cards to see and edit card information. You’ll need the device’s passcode, TouchID or FaceID.

Got a Mac? Learn how to look up passwords on your computer.

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