Deactivating software

iTunes, Adobe and other apps may limit the number computers that can use the media or software you’ve purchased. You may need to deactivate them on one computer before using them on another computer. You should also deactivate software and sign out of iCloud before selling or disposing of a computer.

Music & TV

  1. Open the Music or TV app.
  2. Click the Account menu and choose Deauthorize Computer. If you’ve been signed in, your Apple ID account is already shown. Otherwise, enter an Apple ID.
  3. Type the password and Deauthorize.
  4. Repeat for any other Apple IDs used on this computer.


  1. Open System Preferences and click Apple ID or iCloud.
  2. Click Sign Out. When asked, remove all data from this computer.

Adobe Creative Cloud

See Deactivating Adobe Apps and Uninstalling here.

Other apps

  1. Drag any apps you don’t want to leave on the computer to the trash.
  2. Click the Finder menu and Empty trash. You may need to restart and try again to completely delete the contents.

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