Using Windows with Parallels Desktop

If you have loaded Parallels Desktop on your Mac, you can run Windows and any Windows application.

  1. Click the Parallels icon in the Mac dock.
  2. Parallels opens. If you don’t see the Windows screen, click the start button.
  3. Windows opens. You use Windows just like you would on any PC.
  4. Access Windows controls from the Parallels menu icon at the top of the Mac screen.

Running Windows can have an impact on your Mac’s performance. When you’re finished using Windows, exit (quit) Windows applications. Then go to the top of the screen and choose Parallels-Quit. This saves the Windows state. Next time you launch Parallels, Windows opens to exactly where you left off.

An alternative is to click the Windows button in the lower-left corner and choose Shut Down. This closes Windows. Next time, it will start from the beginning.

In the View menu, Parallels lets you use Windows in 3 modes:

  • Single Window shows the entire Windows desktop and environment in one Mac window. You can resize the Mac window and Windows changes to fit.
  • Full Screen hides the Mac so you can concentrate on Windows. Your computer appears exactly like any Windows PC. Press Alt (option) Enter to return to Single Window view.
  • Coherence view hides the Windows desktop so you can drag Windows programs around the Mac screen, just like any Mac program.                                  

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