Why get a newer Mac?

If your Mac is more than 6 years old, you’re down for the count. The first Intel Macs from 2006 to mid 2007 can’t run modern OS X and apps. And no one supports PowerPC. No new Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, or Intuit apps run on them.

Old Macs

That means no macOS Catalina, modern Music, TV or Photos app, no Microsoft Office 365, no Adobe Creative Cloud, no Quicken or QuickBooks. You could lose paying projects and customers. No iCloud sync. No streaming Netflix movies. Next time you receive an Excel file or InDesign doc it might not open. That’s the bad news.

The good news? Macs have never been so powerful and affordable. Apple’s razor-thin 2-pound MacBook Air (starting at $1099) has a 9-hour battery. The 2” tall Mac mini ($799) is more than 3 times as fast as the first 40-pound Mac Pro towers that sold for $2500. And a new iMac with 21.5" display, 8 GB memory, 500 GB drive, webcam, wireless keyboard, mouse & wi-fi is only $1099.

Creative Tech Support can help. We’ll put together a quote for a new Mac, software and labor. Since we don’t sell computers, you can trust our unbiased advice on which model to buy and where to get the best deal. Then we’ll set up the new Mac and transfer every document, email, photo and setting. We’ll make it easy so you won’t lose a thing and you’re back up to speed in no time.

As low as $630 per computer
hardware | software | labor

We’ll unpack a Mac mini, load the latest updates and our set of 24 apps, internet plug-ins and utilities. We’ll install updated print drivers and connect servers. Finally we’ll transfer 20 GB of files from your old Mac and start auto backups.

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