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Should I upgrade to macOS Sierra?

By now, you’ve probably seen the messages from Apple offering to upgrade to macOS Sierra. Apple releases major OS upgrades annually, bringing new features to your Mac. Upgrades are free, and most users upgrade within a few months. 

However, exactly when you upgrade is up to you. We typically advise clients to wait a couple months for the “point one” release, just in case there are any bugs. We can expect macOS 10.12.1 sometime in November 2016.

In the meantime, make sure all your software is fully up-to-date. Check for updates to your Adobe Creative Cloud

Will iPad Pro really replace computers?

iPad Pro is evidence that Apple has not given up on the tablet market, as some have. Steve Jobs boldly declared a post-PC world. It hasn’t happened yet, despite Apple and others selling millions of devices. The fact is most consumers are happy with what a simple tablet or phablet does, and they don’t take any of this very seriously. That’s why sales have slowed. If all you do is surf the web and play games, who needs more than a $50 Kindle Fire? Why spend $1000 for an iPad Pro?

Apple’s not worried. They’ve never been known to strive for market share at the low-end. …

Apple reinvents Music… again

With Apple Music, Apple opens the door to 35 million-plus tracks you can stream on-demand. Most songs can also be added to your library if you like. The optional iCloud Music Library feature makes all your playlists and music (tracks you own and your selections from Apple Music) available on all your devices. Any change in iTunes is reflected on all your Apple gear in seconds – no syncing required. iCloud Music Library saves space – as long as you have internet, you can play all your music even if it isn’t actually stored on the device. …

How Apple changed the mobile industry

When Apple secretly shopped around the iPhone to mobile carriers in late 2006, who could anticipate what a disruptive change this was going to bring to the industry? (Perhaps only Steve Jobs.) Up to that point, cell phones were just for phone calls! Even the Blackberry could only handle rudimentary email and had almost no impact on mobile internet.

Back then, the phone companies made their money on minutes. I remember going over my tiny allotment of minutes dozens of times from my first cell phone in 1995 to well into the iPhone age. I used to pay $250 a month for phone calls back in the 90s! …

So you want an Apple Watch?

Bob Pickering, President of Creative Tech Support, Inc.

Of course you do! You’ve been obsessing over this amazing life-changing device since September 9. You’re dreaming about slapping it on your wrist… at least when you’re not wide awake at 2 am reading the glowing reviews, watching the introduction videos and guided tours, analyzing the manufacturing process, kicking back with the The New Yorker interview with Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive as you jam to the music behind the slick Apple ads. (OK, maybe you’re not quite as obsessed as me.)

The new MacBook

Apple’s latest laptop debuts April 10. It’s not a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, although those lines continue on. The new laptop is simply a MacBook. It has the Retina Display like a MacBook Pro but it’s much smaller. Even slimmer and lighter than the MacBook Air.

If you don’t need a Retina Display, a MacBook Air is still a good choice. If you're expecting to do heavy-duty photo or video work or like a larger display size, you’ll probably want a MacBook Pro. But if you’re looking for the thinnest, lightest laptop that’s still powerful enough to do real work, a MacBook is for you.

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