Why get help for your workgroup?

When you’ve got more than 5 Macs, you need a different approach. Managing workstations one at a time is expensive. We have the expertise to get consistent results for less money.

Managing even a small set of devices can be a challenge. We make it easier, with Single Sign On (SSO) directory, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and security solutions. When a new person joins the team, we’ll make sure their Apple, Microsoft & Adobe accounts are provisioned, their Mac is configured, and everything ready to start on day-one. We can install updates and configurations across a fleet of computers & devices through the internet. And when staff transitions occur, we’ll lock down devices, blocking access and removing data… all automatically.

Equipment & service tracking. We’ll help you track all those computers & devices. We’ve developed a custom app so you can look up configurations, equipment values, licenses, passwords and a history of everything we’ve done on each computer.

Empower users to help themselves. We developed an extensive web site with hundreds of guides to everything Apple: all the standard apps, email & calendar systems, network integration, iPhone/iPad and more.

Creative Tech Support has been working on large Mac installations for over 17 years. Our goal is the same as yours: keeping people productive.

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