Apple saves money

Apple makes just one Mac OS X and one iPhone/iPad iOS. OS X costs $19 and iOS is free. Microsoft sells a whole range of Windows OS products (Home, Pro, Premium, Small Business Server, Premium Server, Enterprise, etc.)

Many people think Mac costs more than Windows. Maybe it's time to think again.

Windows Small Business Server comes in several versions. SBS 2011 Essentials costs $545 and provides basic file sharing and networking for up to 25 users. But it's important to know this does not include email, calendars or other services. And there is no upgrade path for this version. You'll need to pay for a whole new license if you outgrow it or want a new version.

Larger workgroups need SBS 2011 Standard for $1096 with more advanced user and network control. That version includes 5 client access licenses. Additional clients require adding more client licenses - sold in 5-packs for $361. Thirty users will cost a total of $2179. Let's not forget that this is just software - no hardware. And still no email.

Configure the least-expensive Dell server with 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB drive, Windows Small Business Server Standard with a total of 20 client licenses and you'll spend $2593. To work with a group of 30 people you'll add 10 more client users for a total of $3315.

Would you like to get reports of workstation configurations and deploy software over the network? Microsoft System Center Essential Plus is $40 per computer. So 10 users costs $400, 30 users $1200. Add that to the Dell server and you're at $4515. 

Apple's Mac mini server is just $999 and has the same memory and storage. It also has unlimited client licenses. Add Apple Remote Desktop for just $79 - again, no per-user fees.

So there you have it. A Mac server with hardware, server OS and remote desktop would save a workgroup of 30 users $3437 (69%) compared to Windows. Tell me again how Macs are too expensive?

Now let's talk about email.

Microsoft Small Business Server does not include Microsoft's famous Exchange Server email & calendaring. Exchange is $699, plus $67 per client user. You'd also need Outlook for each user at $140. So Exchange costs $1369 for 10 users and $2709 for 30 users.

Apple includes IMAP email, calendar and address book server (unlimited users) with Mac OS X. Google Apps provides the same services as Exchange. It's just $50 per user annually with no server to buy. That makes $1500 a year, or about half the cost of an Exchange server. And with Google adding new features all the time, there's no need to pay for Exchange server upgrades.

Contact Creative Tech Support before you waste thousands on Microsoft servers. We'll show you how easy it is to go with Apple.

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