Apple servers

Why a server? First, everyone can access the same files. No more wondering where a project is stored or if more than one version is floating around. Backup is simple and reliable. Limit access with a password.

But a server can do much more. Access documents securely from any location in the world from a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. Download software upgrades and install them on all Macs on the network at once. Host your own web site. Back up all the Macs to one hard drive.

Why a Mac server? Every Mac is just waiting for us to load the Server app and unlock all the functions already in place. Apple servers support Macs and Windows users at a much lower cost than Microsoft-based servers because there are no per-user fees. And like all Macs, the servers are completely virus-free.

The Mac mini server is powerful and affordable. It’s made of a unibody aluminum design that’s less than 8” square, 1.5” tall and weighs just 3 pounds. Features a quad core Intel processor, 8 GB of memory, USB 3, Firewire 800, Thunderbolt, gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wi-fi. The mini server comes with a 2 TB RAID volume. We’ll add a 2 TB drive for backup. Perfect for up to 30 users.

Creative Tech Support has supported OS X servers for years. We’ll take care of everything, start to finish, for one low price.

Just $1750 plus $65 per user
hardware | software | labor 

We’ll set up the server & drives, update software and remote desktop control. Then we’ll create user accounts & groups, file sharing and security. Each user will be configured for file sharing and backup. Finally we’ll transfer up to 50 GB of files to the server.

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