Why upgrade software?

Does each Mac in your group run different software? Trouble opening files? Inconsistent fonts causing reflows and other headaches? Don’t have time to try track licenses and updates? We can help.

We can run a quick check of every Mac on your network, listing model, processor, memory, available space, software, print drivers and more. We’ll review licenses and provide you a quote for the least-expensive way to get everyone up-to-date.

It’s far easier (and cheaper) to support your staff when everyone has the same software. Training and documentation are simple. And when free update patches are available, why should users suffer from bugs and problems that have already been fixed? 

We avoid downtime by downloading software once, then using remote management tools to install on a group of computers all at once. Updates are safely loaded in the background while users continue to work. Users have the latest software after they restart. And we’ll track licenses to avoid license conflicts that interrupt workflow.

Don’t let inconsistent software get you down. Call us today.

Microsoft Office $55 per Mac (x 5 Macs/iPads)
software & labor 

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