Why choose a Mac?

Apple Macintosh computers have a 30-year history of delivering fast performance, ease-of-use and virus-free security. If Windows was designed for IT departments and general use, Macintosh is designed with the creative user in mind. They made their name in graphics and video but most anyone can benefit from a Mac.

Of course Macs are compatible with the rest of the world. After all, Microsoft Office debuted on the Mac in 1985– before Windows was even released. And while every Mac can run any version of Windows if necessary, you’ll get the most out of your Mac if you use apps designed especially for it from the App Store. Because they’re designed by the same team, Macs work very much like iPhone & iPad, and your data syncs with them automatically in real time – email, contacts, calendars, photos & documents. You’ll feel right at home.

Which Mac is right for you?

MacBook Air is great for the budget user. The case tapers from ½  in the back to about ⅛” at the front edge and weighs under 2½ pounds. The 13” Retina Display is far beyond HD – twice as sharp as traditional screens.  Even though it’s incredibly thin, it has a full-size keyboard and Force Touch trackpad that responds to varying amount of pressure. The battery lasts up to 12 hours. The technology in this MacBook Pro sets a new standard for the industry and starts at $1099, but we highly recommend spending an extra $200 for 256 GB of storage.

MacBook Pro is ½ inch thin. It’s a little bigger & heavier than the MacBook but with a faster processor and more ports it’s perfect for graphics and video editing on the go. Choose from 13” or 16” Retina Display. Features a 10-hour battery and starts at $1299, $1499 for 256 GB of storage.

iMac is the venerable all-in-one Mac, now just ¼ inch thick at the edge. It ships with a wireless keyboard and multitouch mouse or trackpad that works just like an iPhone. You can get a 21½" iMac for $1099 but we recommend the $1299 model which features a quad-core Intel processor. Or choose a 27” model for $1799 with stunning 5K Retina Display.

Mac mini proves Macs can be beautiful and powerful… and starting at $799, inexpensive. It’s made of a unibody aluminum design that’s less than 8” square, 1½" tall and weighs under 3 pounds. You provide your own keyboard, mouse & display or connect it to any HDTV.

All Macs are made of beauiful seamless aluminum. All include USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. Adapters are available to work with almost any legacy equipment – hard drives, DVD drives, printers, displays. But you’ll hardly need to connect anything – Macs include Bluetooth and AirPort 802.11ac wi-fi. And of course every Mac includes the latest macOS, Photos app, iMovie & GarageBand. Even Apple’s business package – Pages, Numbers & Keynote – is free.

We don’t sell hardware or software. That’s why we’re uniquely qualified to help you find the fit for your needs. We’re here to help!

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