Why we support only current technology

At Creative Tech Support, we provide high-level IT solutions for small to medium businesses using the latest Apple technology. New Macs and devices are released every year, and software is constantly evolving with features added monthly. Our solutions are in direct response to this rapid change. Our web site, tutorials, phone and on-site support assume users have up-to-date Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad iOS and application software… and that their equipment is able to run them.

Apple makes this easy. Even a 5-year-old Mac can run most new software (although slower than current models). Likewise, a 3-year-old iPhone or iPad can still work with the latest iOS and apps. Apple provides free upgrades for macOS and iOS operating systems, standard Apple business and creative apps to all qualifying Apple owners. This includes minor bug fixes and even major upgrades. Part of our responsibility is making sure none of our users falls behind, forced to use an old version or obselete Mac or device.

For this reason, Creative Tech Support strives to support only one version of each OS and app: the latest version. Supporting multiple software versions would mean incompatibilities, complexity, and increased cost for our customers. And it would undermine the tightly-integrated hardware/OS/app/service ecosystem that makes the Apple experience so different from other platforms.

We recommend our clients replace their Mac every 3–5 years. At 3 years, a Mac often sells for half its original cost, making it a good value both for the seller who wishes to trade up and the bargain hunter who buys it. But by the time a Mac reaches 6 years old, Apple designates it official vintage or obselete status. No new software can run on it, no new Apple services can be provided, parts are unavailable and its resale value drops below 10%. Under no circumstances will Creative Tech Support provide services for obselete Apple hardware, other than recovery and transfer to replacement equipment.

We'll help you get every Mac and device up to speed and stay there.  We can do a thorough inventory of all equipment and software versions, including relative speeds, market value and software licensing. We’ll evaluate your needs, help you plan budgets, even assist in resale or disposal of Macs. We don’t sell hardware or software, so you can trust our unbiased advice. And we’ll help ensure transitioning to new hardware or software is painless, with minimal interruptions and downtime.

Let Creative Tech Support help you make the most of your Apple investment. Learn more about new Macs and macOS.

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