Cloud computing

Use more than one computer? Rely on a smartphone or iPad? Tired of deleting the same emails on each device? Want to access all your contacts, calendars, documents & photos wherever you are? We can help - with cloud computing.

What’s a cloud? It’s a secure place on the internet that stores your data - email, contacts, calendars, reminders, notes, bookmarks, password, photos & docs. And synced with your computers, iPad & iPhone.


Don’t waste time wading through emails you’ve already read somewhere else. With the right email system, you can send a message on your computer and it’s in the Sent folder on the iPhone. Change a contact’s phone number, set an appointment, bookmark a web page or snap a photo with your iPhone and it’s instantly available on all the other computers & devices you use.

Access word processing, spreadsheets and other files from your computer when you’re out with your iPhone or iPad. Edit them with a touch interface and save your changes. When you return to your computer, everything is up-to-date. No more emailing yourself or searching for lost flash drives.

Creative Tech Support has several cloud computing solutions. We’ll discuss the options with you, including several with no monthly fee. We’ll safeguard your data so no email, contacts or calendars are lost in the transition. Read about cloud options, then contact us today.

Just $30 per user plus $30 per device
software | labor 

We’ll set up advanced email & configure automatic sync for contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, text messages, notes, bookmarks & photos. 

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