Replace your old Mac

Why do we recommend replacing your Mac every 3 to 5 years? We’re looking out for our clients’ computer investment.

Like a new car, a computer loses value the moment you buy it. More than 15% each year. So if you sell your 3-year-old Mac today, you’ll get half your money back. In six years, it’s practically worthless.

Why do they lose value? A 3-year-old computer runs all current software and delivers everything typical users expect from a new computer. It might not be as fast but it works. A 6-year-old computer won’t run any new software, isn’t compatible with recent iPhones or iPods, and can’t even use modern Microsoft Word or web browsers. Parts are unavailable and it isn’t worth fixing. People won’t buy it.

Our analysis shows it’s often cheaper to trade up every 3 years than 6 years. Don’t wait until your Mac is no longer useful to you. It may not be useful to anyone – you’ll lose your entire investment.

Businesses know that keeping current is essential. The moment you lose a project because you can’t open the client’s files, you may have lost more than the price of a new computer. 

Home and casual users also benefit from new technology. Stream unlimited on-demand movies from Netflix for $9 a month. Shoot HD video with an iPhone, edit in iMovie and post to YouTube with one click. Store thousands of pictures in the Photos app with GPS and facial recognition and post on Facebook. You can do all this with the basic Mac mini for $499, but not on an old Mac. Learn more about new Macs and how little it can cost to get current.

You might be satisfied with your Mac today. How will you be using it in a few years? And what will it be worth? Plan accordingly.

Just $180 per computer

We’ll unpack the Mac, load the latest updates and our set of essential apps and utilities. We’ll install updated print drivers and connect servers. Finally we’ll transfer 50 GB of files from your old Mac.

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