Why get help for your workgroup?

When you’ve got more than 5 Macs, you need a different approach. Managing workstations one at a time is expensive. We have the expertise to get consistent results for less money.

Don’t take a user out of commission to upgrade their computer. We can install software over the network while users continue to work. When it’s time to replace a computer we configure the new Mac ahead of time and copy user files from the latest hourly backup. Employees continue working until everything is tested and ready. Every app, print driver, email and document – every icon in its place.

Equipment & service tracking. We’ll help you track all those computers & devices. We’ve developed a custom app so management can look up configurations, equipment values, licenses, passwords and a history of everything we’ve done on each computer.

Easy user management. When a new person joins the team, we’ll make sure they have everything they need to get started on day one – email with standardized signature, shared address book and calendars, and access to the appropriate files on the server. And just as important, when someone leaves we’ll lock down their accounts so company data is secure. We’ll even archive their data for safekeeping.

When users travel, we’ll help you maintain control. We can deploy profile settings and install software on Macs, iPhones & iPads, track usage, even lock down and remote wipe equipment if necessary

We install and support Apple servers for file sharing with Mac, Windows & iPhone/iPad. A new Mac server & backup system costs under $2000 (including hardware & installation) or we can convert most any existing Mac to an OS X Server for less than $750.  With no annual license or per-user fees, it can cost significantly less than Windows servers. We’re also guiding our clients toward appropriate cloud services, from Apple, Microsoft, Google & others.

Empower users to help themselves. We developed our own online knowledge base with hundreds of guides to everything Apple: all the standard apps, email & calendar systems, network integration, iPhone/iPad and more.

Bob servers

Creative Tech Support has been working on large Mac installations for over 16 years. Our goal is the same as yours: keeping people productive.

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