Get a quote up front

You know your computers need upgrades. Software is inconsistent and backup is haphazard. But budgets are tight. Can you afford it?

Trust Creative Tech Support to listen to your concerns, ask the right questions and anticipate your future needs. Then we’ll prepare a straightforward proposal that includes all hardware, software and labor required to make it happen. We’ll explain why we chose each product and links for further research. We’ll break out costs for each user and give you the bottom line.

You’ll know ahead of time exactly what your project will cost. We’ll stick to the written quote. No running up the clock. No matter what it takes.

We take this approach with everything we do. Our invoices detail each service by date, user, description and cost. We can provide a report on every service performed over the life of a computer. Just ask.

Creative Tech Support understands budgets are still tight. Let us help you get projects completed on time and on budget. Contact us today.

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