Custom signatures

It’s easy to add a custom signature to an iPhone or iPad. You can start with a signature from your computer, or skip to step 4 to create one from scratch.

  1. Create a signature on a computer with the content you like. Or start with one that’s already made for you.
  2. Create a new email message, including the signature, and send the message to yourself or an email address that’s available on the iPhone or iPad.
  3. On the iPhone or iPad, get messages and select the signature. Copy in the usual way – press at the beginning, hold, then drag the selection to the end. Choose Copy.
  4. Open the Settings app. Tap Mail, then scroll down and tap Signature.
  5. You may choose separate signatures for each account.
  6. Under the desired account, tap in the field. Select any existing text or content and delete.
  7. Hit return and type or paste the signature –  tap and hold in the blank space, then paste.
  8. Return to the Mail app and create a new email. Select the custom signature, send an email and test.

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