Getting information about your Mac

Apple provides an easy way to learn more about your hardware, software and every aspect of your Mac.

  • Click the Apple menu and choose About This Mac.
  • See basic information about your Mac, such as the OS version, processor and memory.
  • Click More Info.
  • The Mac’s model and year are shown here. Most Macs from 2007 and later are still supported. Older Macs should be replaced soon – no new apps work on them and we can no longer provide support. See details.
  • Check Memory. You’ll need at least 4 GB of RAM to work properly. Working with large graphics or video? You should have at least 8 GB. We can upgrade many Macs for less than $100.
  • Learn more about your Mac. Storage shows the free space on your drive. You should always keep at least 10 GB of free space. Support shows links to your Mac’s user manual and other help. Service lets you check your warranty and service status.
  • The System Report shows more technical details on your entire hardware and software than you may ever need. But to a tech, this is gold. We can examine it for software compatibility and crash logs.

If we requested a System Report, follow the steps above. At step 3, click the File menu and choose Save. Save the file on the desktop, then attach the file to an email and send it to us.

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