Fixing font issues

Using FontNuke to clear font caches

  1. Download the latest version of FontNuke. It’s a free tool that really helps you clean font caches.
  2. Quit any open apps.
  3. Open FontNuke. It should be in your Downloads folder. If it won’t open because it’s from an unidentified developer, see these instructions.
  4. Click Update Caches List and wait for it to update.
  5. Click Nuke Font Caches in the lower-right corner. You may need to enter an administrator name and password.
  6. The caches are deleted and Mac restarts.

Deactivating and activating the fonts

You might need to reactivate fonts if they don’t appear in menus.

  1. Open your font manager, such as FontExplorer Pro or Font Book.
  2. Deactivate the trouble fonts.
  3. Quit the font manager, then open it again.
  4. Activate the fonts again.
  5. Try using the fonts.

Bypassing the font manager

Still no luck using the fonts?

  1. Open your font manager.
  2. Select the trouble fonts.
  3. Export or drag the fonts to the desktop.
  4. Select all the font files and choose File-Open.
  5. Click to install the fonts, then quit the font manager.
  6. Try using the fonts.

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