iTunes & App Store gifts

Giving gifts with an Apple IDs

You can purchase gifts for other Apple users. The recipient can redeem their gift in iTunes, the Mac App Store or an iOS device for any apps and media. Make sure your computer or device is signed into the Apple account you want to be billed for the gift. Recipients will redeem with their own Apple ID - or sign up for one if they are new to Apple.

  • Gift cards and allowances: Open iTunes on a computer, click iTunes Store at the top right of the window, then Buy iTunes Gifts on the right side (under Quick Links). Email or print a gift certificate, or order an iTunes gift card to be sent in the mail. There's also an option to set up an allowance - a set amount can be added to another Apple account every month.
  • Gift specific iOS app or media: Open iTunes on a computer, click iTunes Store at the top right of the window, then search for an app, song or video. Click the arrow next to the price, choose Gift and enter the recipient's email address. Your Apple account is charged for the item and a link is emailed to the recipient. The item is registered to their Apple ID when they sign in. Unfortunately, you can't gift Mac App Store items.

Redeeming a gift card

If you received a physical gift card, scratch off the back to reveal the redeem code. Then follow the steps below and use the value for any iTunes or App Store purchases from any device with that account.

  • In iTunes & Mac App Store: Click Redeem on the right side under Quick Links. (In iTunes you'll need to click iTunes Store at the top right of the window sidebar first.) Enter your redeem code or click Use Camera to automatically enter the code.
  • On iOS devices: Tap iTunes or App Store. Swipe down to see the active Apple ID at the bottom. Tap Redeem and enter your code.

Creating an Apple ID without a credit card

Use an Apple ID with no associated credit card for free apps and media and limiting purchases. Give this Apple ID and password to users in your home or office so they can download, install and update free apps on several Macs and iOS devices. You can add value to the Apple ID with iTunes gifts, an allowance or add a credit card later. Be mindful of the App Store rules and licensing.

  1. Open iTunes or Mac App Store.
  2. Click the Store menu at the top and Sign Out if this option is available.
  3. If using iTunes, click iTunes Store.
  4. Search for a free app (such as Evernote or Twitter).
  5. Click Install.
  6. Click Create Apple ID and Continue.
  7. Check I have read and agree… then click Agree.
  8. Enter a valid email address, password and verify the password.
  9. Enter a security question and correct answer.
  10. Enter the date of birth. Make sure you remember the verification answers and birthdate! Click continue.
  11. Choose None as the payment option.
  12. Enter the name and mailing address and continue.
  13. Verify your account by replying to the email Apple sends.

Purchasing apps and media for company employees

We recommend using the same Apple ID to purchase apps, music & videos for your household or small workgroup. You can share the items you purchase with that account and you’ll only be charged once. Use this shared Apple ID to sign into the Mac App StoreiTunes, or iPhone & iPad. If you haven’t used this Apple ID for purchases before, install a free app and add a credit card to the account. You won’t be charged for a free item – this simply prepares your account for future purchases. You’ll need to authorize each device with the Apple ID and password to use items you’ve purchased. As added protection, you’ll need to enter the credit card’s security code on each device before you can make new purchases.

If a user purchases an app or media with their own Apple ID, it belongs to them. You cannot update apps or transfer apps or media files to another account. You’ll need to purchase apps and media again, even if a new person uses the same equipment.

Apple ID reference

  • An Apple ID is required to purchase apps, games, songs, videos, books and subscriptions. Create an Apple ID in iCloud, iTunes, an iOS device, the Mac App Store or on the web.
  • Apple IDs are the user’s verified email address. You don't need a new Apple ID if the email address changes - just log in and change the address.
  • A credit card or PayPal account is normally associated with each Apple ID. Apple bills all purchases to this account. You can use the same credit card for multiple Apple IDs - great for families and companies. Payment can be changed later for billing to a different card or person.
  • To control purchases, you can create an Apple ID with no credit card. Use the account for free apps and media. To purchase paid apps and media, add value to the Apple account with iTunes gift cards, an allowance plan or add a credit card later.
  • Each app or media file is permanently identified with the Apple ID used for its purchase. There are no serial numbers or license codes. Items are tracked by Apple ID, not computer or device.
  • Users can transfer songs and videos to 5 Macs and 10 iOS devices at no extra charge. Apps can be installed any number of computers and devices as long as they are used by the account holder.
  • Shared computers and devices can use apps and media purchased with up to 5 different Apple IDs if the device is authorized for each account.
  • Authorize a device by entering the Apple ID password. If the Apple account has a credit card on file, you'll need to verify the card's security code before making new purchases from a device.
  • You can gift (pay for) iOS apps and media for others to register with their own Apple ID. There are no gift options on the Mac App Store – items are always registered to the Apple ID used for purchase.

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