Converting DVDs for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Converting DVDs for iPhone, iPad & iPod

Mac DVDRipper Pro can convert a movie for Apple devices when you rip it. If you want to do this later (or if you have videos in another format), we recommend HandBrake (free).

HandBrake extracts the main feature from the DVD. You won’t get menus and special features, but most two-hour movies scale down to about 1 GB. HandBrake converts movie disk images you’ve saved with Mac DVDRipper Pro, or you can use HandBrake to extract the main feature from DVDs directly. For HandBrake to do the direct transfer you'll also need to download and install the free VLC Player.

Converting movies with HandBrake

  1. Open HandBrake from the dock, Launchpad or Applications folder.
  2. HandBrake asks for the source media (or click Source).
  3. Insert the DVD or select a disk image (from your Movies folder).
  4. Across from Destination, click Browse.
  5. Select your Movies folder. If you don’t see Movies, click the down arrow to reveal options, then click your name (under Places) and Movies inside. Then click Save.
  6. Click Toggle Presets to see the list.
  7. Select AppleTV 2. This setting also works for iPhone and iPad. Uncheck Large file size to fit more movies on the device.
  8. Optional: click the gear icon and choose Make Default.
  9. Optional: select the Title (if there is more than one movie on the disc) and chapters to import if you don’t want to import all of them.
  10. Click the Audio tab (near the middle of the window).
  11. Recommended settings: Track 1 - English (AC3) 2.0 ch - AAC (CoreAudio) - Stereo - 48 - 160. Set other tracks to None.
  12. Optional: click Subtitles and choose a language.
  13. Click Start.
  14. When the movie has been converted, open your Movies folder.
  15. Drag the movie file (ending in .mp4) to iTunes.
  16. After iTunes imports the movie, drag the .mp4 file from Movies to the trash.
  17. Play movies from iTunes or connect an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and tell iTunes to sync movies.

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