Resetting all network functions on Mac

Sometimes a Mac just refuses to connect to network and internet. Reset all network functions by removing configuration plist files and rebooting.

  1. Click the Finder, then click the Go menu at the top of the screen and choose Computer.
  2. Open the hard drive icon (usually Macintosh HD or something similar).
  3. Open Library inside, and Preferences inside the Library.
  4. Open SystemConfiguration inside Library.
  5. Drag the following items from SystemConfiguration to the trash:
    • CaptiveNetworkSupport
    • preferences.plist
    • NetworkInterfaces.plist
  6. You may need to type an admin password to remove the items. Try the password that you use to log into the desktop, or ask your computer administrator.
  7. Click the Apple menu and Restart.
  8. Log in, then open System Preferences.
  9. Click Network. If asked, click to allow new interfaces to be installed. Then quit System Preferences.
  10. If you use wi-fi, click the wi-fi menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Select your wireless network. Enter the wireless password key and connect.
  11. Test the internet by opening Safari. If it works, try Mail and other apps.

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